I see a photo of you  

and feel your presence  

and then - I remember 

The moment zooms away 

and filters through reality  

and then it flies back, distorted this time

and I have to breathe and remember love instead  

AuthorCarrie Wiser

I couldn't be there today

For very good reasons

but when those reasons ended early  

and I was there after all

I was greeted with the widest smile

So I remembered why I do this

And why the reasons have to be good

AuthorCarrie Wiser

I pictured yellow balls of fuzz

Not these intricately patterned adolescents

Huddled in a corner clique 

Covered with soft war paint 

Wings lightly feathered 

Reminiscent of kittens

But for the beaks and talons 

AuthorCarrie Wiser